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Fox News anchor arrested on 'obstruction' after heavy intoxication

A Fox News anchor was arrested Wednesday at an airport bar in Minnesota.

Fox News anchor arrested in Minneapolis

According to the Star Tribune, Fox News anchor Gregg Jarrett was arrested at 12:30 pm Wednesday at the Northern Lights Grill in Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport. Hennepin County Sheriff's Office records show that the police were called because of Jarrett's intoxication and he was arrested on obstruction of the legal process after refusing to follow orders.

Jarrett was released on $300 bond around 1:30 am Thursday morning. During a broadcast on April 12th, many questioned Jarrett's awareness after he began to slur his words, and he has been on leave from the network ever since for undisclosed "personal reasons."

The 59 year old news anchor is due on court on June 6.

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