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Fox News: Americans who receive Social Security disability are faking it

Fox News and their hosts are on the attack again, this time accusing recipients of Social Security disability of faking it to receive benefits.

Fox News
Robert Sobel

During a recent episode of the Fox News show "Fox and Friends." co-host Steve Doocy spoke with Fox Business host Stuart Varney. During the conversation, Doocy asked whether Varney believed that more Americans were becoming disabled or if there were more people trying to milk the government out of more entitlements.

"Are there simply more people who are becoming disabled, or are more people just simply becoming desperate?"

Varney responded, claiming that more Americans where becoming comfortable with the "entitlement society," putting much of the blame of President Obama and his job creation programs.

"I think it's the latter. A lot of people are taking the disability option. We've got almost 11 million people in total now on Social Security disability. That is greater than the population of Greece. That is greater than the population of Tunisia. That is an all time record high. 10.988 million people on disability. Here is what happens. You get into your 40s and 50s, you're out of work, you've exhausted your benefits. What are your options? You can't get a job so you go on disability. That is an option. I can put it that way in this day and age. It is an option. The fact that you have nearly 11 million on disability is a mark of the failure of President Obama's job creation program. If we were creating jobs the way we used to create jobs, you wouldn't have this disability, dependency problem."

Despite the rhetoric from Fox News and others in the right-wing media, five times as many Americans have a disability compared to those who actually receive disability benefits. According the Social Security Administration and the United States Census Bureau, while 1 in 25 Americans currently receive disability benefits, nearly 57 million Americans, 1 in 5, have a disability. Varney described Social Security disability as an "option," as if it were another job to choose from. The majority of Americans who receive disability checks do so because they can't work, not because they choose not to.

Varney also took shots at President Obama's ability to produce an economy that is creating jobs, but he is lacking factual information. Under President Obama, the private sector has created jobs for 45 straight months, producing 8 million news jobs in the process.

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