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Fox, MSNBC take different approaches to midterm election coverage


  • Mike N 5 years ago

    It seems to me that a partisan slant doesn't matter so much once the votes have been cast. One night of responsible journalism doesn't redeem Fox's unrelenting smear campaign against anything left of a 2008 John McCain.

  • Steve V 5 years ago

    Yeah, how dare any news media actually oppose and get out of lock step with the White House. Fox is bias in doing so. While the rest can say, make up, infer what ever they like about Fox News and any organized opposition it likes because they are so elite in their progressive thoughts and understanding.. We are deemed smart, forward thinking bla, bla bla if we agree with the progressive agenda, If we oppose the progressive agenda of bankrupting the country and growing control over us we are Racist, Homophobes, un-educated nit-wits, Corporate Zombies, Right wing fringe idiots and possible domestic Terrorist.. Smear, Fox could ratchet up SMEAR 1000 fold and not come close to the Smears used by the left wing News Media (Left wing Propaganda Machine)..

  • jimmy 5 years ago

    I guess we are elite,Why is it that the right wing forgets what happened over the Bush years of hell. Fighting wars, killing many on both sides, spending billions in wars we will never win and adding to the deficit, but when we spend it on our country to help the companies from failing which would have been financially devistating its a bad thing? I know the debt is out of control, but take a look over the past 20 years of office and see if Republicans presidents added more to the debt or Democratic presidents.

  • jimmy 5 years ago

    FOX news gave over 1,000,000 to the GOP this year. How is that fair and balanced,they have an agenda.MSNBC gave equal amounts to both sides. If you really want to know about FOX News you should watch OUTFOXED. iF you really want to know about what happened in Iraq from leaders that were involved in the operation watch Bush's War on FRONTLINE. I can assure you the frontline documentary is not propaganda.

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