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Fox McCloud, the natural predator of space

Starfox Boxart, Nintendo
Starfox Boxart, Nintendo
Fox McCloud Art

Honoring gaming's greatest characters from the past and present, the Characters of Gaming series takes a different look at the many figure-heads that the world of videogames has to offer - profiling each  of these gaming giants and provided original art to commemorate them. These superstars often times began life with humble beginnings as speedy hedgehogs, great apes, or even simple plumbers.

Fox McCloud of the clan McCloud.

Fox McCloud

Stars In:
Star Fox, Star Fox 64, Star Fox Adventures, Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Why he made the cut:
Brought to the world from the same creative mind that introduced gamer's to the likes of Donkey Kong, The Mario Bros., and The Legend of Zelda series; Fox McCloud was destined to take his seat as a famous game character.  Piloting his Arwing as a space hotshot, Fox is both capable and cocky behind his ship's controls.  Helping Fox McCloud tackle the evil forces of Andross are his wingmen, which consist of a falcon, a hare, and a toad. 

To recap, we have a fox in space, alongside his stable of country critter companions, as they pilot advanced space-faring fighters.  Whats not to love?

"All aircraft report." -Starfox 64

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  • Steve 5 years ago

    Now i want to see his four-legged starship controls

  • Lex 5 years ago

    I'm still waiting on a new, proper and properly mind-blowing "StarFox" entry. ::crosses fingers::

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