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'Fox & Friends' may have hilariously ripped off the 'BioShock Infinite' logo

Fox & Friends' Freudian Slip
Fox & Friends' Freudian Slip
Fox & Friends

In one of best Freudian slips of the week, Fox News show “Fox & Friends” appears to have ripped off the “BioShock Infinite” logo for its segment on immigration reform in the U.S., even “BioShock” creator Kevin Levine thinks the resemblance is a little uncanny. For those of you that aren't big on video games, “BioShock Infinite” is a first-person shooter set in the in-game universe where things went very differently for the United States. The game takes place in 1912 with the main antagonists being the inhabitants of Columbia, a floating city in the sky that was founded by a false prophet who used his connections to have Congress and the US Government fund and build Columbia. The city in the sky eventually succeeds from the United States and becomes a militant pseudo-Christian Utopia. Any of this sounding terrifying yet?

While it’s unknown who first made the connection between the Fox News graphic looking a whole lot like the “BioShock Infinite” logo, fans everywhere are having a tough time not finding it both hilarious and a little unnerving. Immigration and by extension the topic of racism which is where this connection gets even more unsettling. The graphic is only featured in the immigration segment on Fox News and nowhere else, which is ironic because “BioShock's” Columbia is known for its racist and xenophobic stance on any outsiders getting into their utopia. Columbia also integrates institutionalized racism and elitism which is widespread and rampant throughout city, making the motif a general theme for the game as well. Altogether not something a news channel should logically want to affiliate itself with.

Levine takes to Twitter humorously; when asked by a fan if this debacle is an infringement of copyright laws, Levine replies that it's irony. While Fox News hasn't made any kind of statement about the graphic, the game or the irony gamers everywhere will certainly continue to laugh about it.