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Fox and the Hound off of 635 and Skillman

Fox and The Hound main bar
Fox and The Hound main bar
Miranda Wright

                              On May 29th early in the evening Fox and the Hound in Dallas off 635 and Skillman sectioned off parts of their restaurant to feature UFC 114 fight Rampage Jackson vs Rashad Evans. Normally on either side of the club we have darts and open tables available for pool play, but on this evening the restaurant managers sectioned off the right side of the venue and pulled up a curtain as they began to sell tickets for all those who wanted to watch the fight. At the register sat one of Fox and the Hound employees Luis, administering admission at the price of $5, and giving firm handshakes to all friendly patrons. Upstairs above the restaurant was more available banquet seating and couches with four pull down screens where almost life sized announcers boomed over speakers as the fights began. Sitting upstairs we watch as groups of people mull around, some at the tables while others sit at the bar stools overlooking the edges down and into the crowd. The place is packed with people leaning back in their chairs, hands confidently on their heads as they anticipate an exciting and ferocious fight. As the fight begins the walls in the room vibrate with the sound of people clapping, and the already busy waiters and waitresses rush around to re-fill drinks that taste of their sweat. Vented hoods in the ceilings cool the air above our heads, but rushes of endorphins and hormones shoot through the crowd of people causing sweaty palms that slip on glasses as people sip their drinks during the rounds. Below in the bar on the other side of the restaurant sit green felt pool tables, empty but expectant.

Rashad Evans wins in round three, fighting with great heart, and the crowd at Fox and the Hound goes wild. Afterwards people hug and pat each other on the backs at their tables with good cheer.

Tonight on the schedule we have nine waitresses catering to the happy crowd at Fox and the Hound, all of them very personable and ready to assist your pub game and hungry desires. On the menu we have the Fox and the Hound featured shot: Eve's Apple Bom- a swig of original sin made with Stoli Gala, Aplix Vodka, and Monster Energy drink. Fox and the Hounds "new forbidden fruit."

The Local Favorite Beer- Black Eye Guiness and Shiner Bock.

Over the week we have a line up of events- On Tuesdays we have Hippie Night with karaoke and beer pong starting at 9PM. $2 drafts All DAY and $4 select you call it's.

Thursdays $4 Crown Royal ALL DAY and Friday $4 Jack Daniels ALL DAY.

On the weekends we have $13 buckets and domestic beers.

Dos Equis is the Import Beer of the Month.

A frequent regular George Platt says that Fox and the Hound off Skillman and 635 is within walking distance of his apartment and that he comes here all the time because the people and the staff are cool. Coming so often he has gotten in touch with the staff and says that the place has a great feeling of promise. It was Fox and the Hound Waitress of the Week Tiffani Gahagan that made the introduction to Nightlife Examiner, without us even having to put in a request. George says his favorite night to come is Tuesday because of the the karaoke, which starts promptly at 9 PM, and he advises coming in early to put your request in with Scott the DJ. This evening for the Rampage Jackson and Rashad Evans fight Fox and the Hound brought in about 250 people, which is normally expected for one of their UFC fights. Stay tuned on their website for upcoming events!

Overall this Nightlife Examiner's experience was great, and we highly recommend visiting the Fox and the Hound off Skillmand and 635. Be sure to ask for the Waitress of the Week Tiffani Gahagan when you visit, and if you have any questions Fox and the Hound Manger Eric will be happy to assist!


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