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My Hometown Bar

Over the years, Chattanooga has seen its share of bars come and go. Yesterdays, The Brass Register, and The Stone Lion were just a few bars that made a statement in the Scenic City. As times changed, new venues have sprung up both downtown and in other parts of Hamilton County. Now you can find an array of bars to enjoy and make your hometown bar.

I started drinking at the age of 23. Yes, I was a late bloomer. Even then, I only drank margaritas. It wasn't until age 29 in Panama City Beach, Florida did I have my first beer; Natty Lite (yuck). Since then, I have become a beer snob. Not really, but I do prefer a good Abita Purple Haze or Blue Moon. Most of the time I drink the standard Miller Lite with my occasional margarita.

My hometown bar started off to be The Big Chill. A group of my friends would gather around 8 or 9 and sip on their frozen cocktails, talk, and listen to the jukebox music. About 11 or midnight we would stroll to Alan Golds to finish the night up with dancing and a drag show. This was a weekend ritual of ours for quite sometime. Our lives changed and our bars changed.

My next hometown bar was Murphy's, which is now Jefferson's on Georgia Avenue. Murphy's was orignally the Brass Register back in the day. I lived next door and it was very convenient to walk, grab a beer along with some dinner and enjoy a nice evening. I started going often and met up with a new group of friends. Most of them lived in my apt. building and some had migrated from Durty Nelly's. This group consisted of men and women, young and old. Murphy's closed down and then it became the Tin Can. We frequented the Tin Can and played trivia on Tuesday night. As the bar scene in Chattanooga goes, the Tin Can closed its doors and we had to find a new place to call home.

Chattanooga Billards Club (CBC) was just down the block on Cherry Street, so we made a new nest along with some of the former staff at the Tin Can. Our group has grown and is still going strong. No invitation is needed. We just show up when we want and 99 percent of the time another member(s) of the group are there to hang out and have a good time. I have met some of my good friends this way. I always look forward to playing music on the jukebox, watching sports, and talking with all of them. I am so lucky and happy that I found a circle of friends that are truly one of a kind. I hope that our friendship continues to grow and we make many more memories at our hometown bar.


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