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Fourth week of pet fostering: Jessie’s report card

This past week there have been some significant changes and improvements. Jessie is really starting to fit in and is bonding almost too well for a foster pet. Although she has not earned all ‘A’s, she really is not failing anything.

 Cash is a neutered male, 4 years old, American Pitbull Terrier Mix. Good with other dogs. A little shy with people at first but once he trust you, you are golden.
Jenna Haines

We have relaxed some rules as she get s more relaxed here and less destructive. She is allowed on the bed for a short time at night and on a cover on the sofa during the day. She still is kept in a closed room when we leave since we still have some chewing issues to deal with from her.

Jessie has come a long way and has almost completely mastered the potty schedule. She actually gets me up and if way too early I ask her to go lay down for now. We have got that down to about 5:30 am when I let her out. She goes to the door or barks at the door during the day, so we almost have this problem under control.

She has slowed down on her eating. She gets a treat with a bit of dry food when she finishes outside. Jessie gets a combo of dried and wet food at suppertime, sometimes topped by a few leftover veggies or something else. She is a bit thin so still gets some treats during the day, especially when we are working on sitting, coming or walking on the leash.

Since we finally figured out the harness, walking on the leash went so much better. She still wants to go faster than I do, but she tries to keep up with our dog, Mr. Owen who is much larger and walks much faster.

The ‘running of the dogs’ along the fence and the running round the tree with Mr. Owen are still favorite activities. She has recently been more interested in playing ball also.

Jessie is super loving and affectionate. She wants to lick you and put those heavy paws up on you quite a bit. She finally does settle down and then sit on the floor or lay down when told to stop and lay down. She is super glad to see you in the morning and whenever we have been gone for a while.

She does no damage to the room or its contents while we are gone, but in the past week has again destroyed some toys and chewed a throw rug. The chewing seems to happen if she is bored or alone for a short time. The chewing problem is much improved and I am attempting to make toys she cannot destroy.

Jessie still has trouble not showing the cats how much she wants to play with them, but they are all getting more used to each other. She is very interested in other people and may do okay with small kids, but she has not really been around them and is very active and could accidentally knock them over.

This dog has become a wonderful addition to the family and she is ready for adoption. She will continue to need work, but at least has been started and will just require continuing the training. Jessie just needs lots of patience and love to overcome her past. Jessie is a dog that really wants to please ‘her people’ so she will be anxious to work hard to correct any issues she still may have in a new home.

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