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Fourth of July landscape decor: No-stress, low-cost approaches that impress

Palmetto fronds on a wired wreath base will make a great dock decor for your Fourth of July party.
Palmetto fronds on a wired wreath base will make a great dock decor for your Fourth of July party.
Courtesy of Gibbs Smith, James T. Farmer III, Maggie Yelton and Laurey W. Glenn

July Fourth celebrations don't typically take place indoors as much as they do in the great outdoors, like on the home lawn or patio or deck. And taking a no-stress approach to the once-a-year spectacular summer event is not only permissible, it is encouraged, according to this Dallas News Lifestyle writer on June 27.

Several types of green mosses are combined to create this wreath by Southern lifestye expert James T. Farmer III.
Courtesy of Gibbs Smith, James T. Farmer III, Maggie Yelton and Laurey W. Glenn

So instead of adorning the lawn with hundreds of miniature flags the dogs and kids will trip over, why not put up a July Fourth decoration that will welcome guests while remaining up and out of the way of crawlers of the two- and four-legged variety.

Georgia author and lifestyle guru James T. Farmer III has a great recommendation for how to fix up the home landscape in advance of any summer event, be it Independence Day or just an outdoor party for family and friends anytime during the year. And he tailors his recommendation based upon the occasion being celebrated, and what the location setting will be for it.

For example, this Fourth of July some people will celebrate the holiday on the water, mooring their boats long enough to come ashore to eat. And that means a dock just begging for some kind of festive decor. But few people want to splurge on decorations that could get ruined if they fell into the water, so Farmer has a solution: hang up a wreath for all seasons made of Palmetto fronds, which will survive even the worst water accident.

If wreaths are not your cup of tea, go with the Dallas News' advice, and simply purchase a patriotic-colored spatula or festive flatwear to use in your holiday get together. But if you don't want to hang pinwheels of paper or burlap dyed in red, white and blue colors (Dallas News' other recommendations), you could go with Farmer's other wreath ideas for your decorating needs this Independence Day.

After all, wreaths can easily hang from a nail on a porch wall, be laid on the picnic table as a centerpiece, or be draped over the side of one chair in the landscape. And they can be taken down at the end of the celebration more easily than a bunch of other hanging objects. And they can be done up in all kinds of different materials and colors besides just red, white and blue, so you can use them throughout the summer.

One example is Farmer's wreath made with real pansies and violas, which adds living color and a natural feel to the festivities, especially if it is hung on the gate your guests will enter for the celebratory meal. And then there is the yarn wreath, which can adopt the color scheme of the July Fourth holiday, replete with firecracker red-colored yarn as the wreath base color.

But whether you choose July Fourth decorations that are limited to patriotic-colored tableware or living wreaths, AZ Central recommends you don't blow your budget on Fourth of July spending. Put your dollars into the food and beverages, and let James T. Farmer III teach you how to decorate on a shoestring with things you may already have, like moss, palm fronds or garden flowers, and which will delight your guests far more than paper pinwheels.