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Fourth of July card making idea

Some people who are into crafting enjoy purchasing scrapbooking supplies to make cards, but there are some of us crafters who prefer to draw directly on the card itself. In the past one commenter on this column said it is too difficult to make a card where you have to draw a picture, but does this always have to be the case? Why not draw a simple picture on the card, like the stars and stripes Fourth of July card pictured here. Drawing and/or painting red, white and blue themed designs on quarter-fold cards is simple, and a budget friendly way to create holiday decorations. The steps below were used to create this Fourth of July card.

This stars and stripes design was easy to create.
Photo by Julia Hanna
One Fourth of July card making idea is to draw and paint a stars and stripes design on the front of a quarter-fold card.
Photo by Julia Hanna.

Step 1:

A blank quarter-fold card was folded for this project by scoring a sheet of card stock in half, and then in a quarter. The card was then folded into half, and into a fourth to create the card.

Step 2:

A star was drawn in the center of the card.

Step 3:

The second star was drawn around the first.

Step 4:

A third star was drawn in the sequence.

Step 5:

The fourth and final star was added to the pattern of patriotic stars.

Step 6:

A ruler was used to create the stripes behind the stars.

Step 7:

The center star was painted in with red water paint.

Step 8:

The star next to it was painted in with white water paint.

Step 9:

The next star in the sequence is painted in with blue water paint.

Step 10:

The fourth and last start in the sequence was painted with red water paint.

Step 11:

The last start in the sequence was rimmed with black paint to make it stand out from the stripes.

Step 12:

The stripes on the left and right hand side of the card were painted in with blue water paint.

Step 13:

The rest of the stripes were painted with an alternating red and white pattern to mimic the American flag.

Step 14:

A second coat of water paint was added to the white stripes to prevent these from cracking.

Step 15:

The card sat to dry for about a day, which is allows the water paint to dry completely. Handmade cards are festive for holidays, and thrifty to make just any old day.

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