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Fourth of July 2014: Party planning for America's 238th birthday

Please see links below for Melissa Joy fanciful cookies and more
Please see links below for Melissa Joy fanciful cookies and more

The fourth of July is almost here and that means it's birthday time for the good ‘ole US of A. What kind of activities do you and your family do to celebrate America’s birthday? As America turns 238 in 2014, make your Fourth of July celebrations full of fun decorations, great food and lots of American patriotism!

The picture for this article belongs to Melissa Joy's Cookies. Melissa Joy's Cookies are pretty cookies with organic ingredients, and the stories behind them. Visit her Facebook page and website. Her website talks you through how to create some of her cookie designs with instructions and pictures. Thanks for sharing your picture with us!

Fourth of July Decorations

Decorating for the Fourth of July is easier than you may think. Red, white and blue decorations are most likely all around you; all you have to do is pull things together. A quick visit for the 99 cents or dollar store will get you most of what you need. Red white and blue paper products go a long way; as do a few strategically placed balloons or sand pails in patriotic colors and fun accessories. If you decorated for Memorial Day, most of the decorations can be recycled for the Fourth of July!

Fourth of July Food

Summertime parties are all about eating outside, and the Fourth of July is no different. Here are some trendy food ideas for the Fourth of July:

Patriotic trivia games

You want your Fourth of July party to be fun and remembered so print some fun trivia and fast facts; these trivia questions or fun facts are great for a lively game or conversation starter. Seasonal trivia and fun facts are a great way to bring people together. Here is a selection of five trivia and fun facts to get you stated:

  1. Founding Fathers family trivia
  2. Memorial Day trivia
  3. NCAA March Madness trivia
  4. Super Bowl trivia
  5. Charles Dickens trivia

Visit the family friendly fun facts and trivia Facebook pages for more trivia on a variety of topics. Also make sure to print off these fun patriotic coloring pages for the kiddos.

Above all else, make sure to remember that the Fourth of July in 2014 is America’s 238th birthday. Celebrate, be safe, have a great time and give something back to this country that has given us so much!

Happy 4th of July to my loyal readers and those just joining.

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