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Fourteen-year-old kills man on NYC bus – gun laws did not protect victim

New York bus rider  and married father-of-two Angel Rojas, 39, was shot dead by teen
photo credit - Daily Mail

He was a hard-working husband and father who needed the income from two jobs to help meet bills and keep his family whole. But according to Fox News all of that came crashing down when a 14-year-old teen allegedly shot and killed Angel Rojas, 39 on a New York City bus. The teen’s bad to the bone behavior is nothing new in Brooklyn when it comes to street thugs, it is simply tragic that a married father of two became the victim of his youthful madness.

Fox News reported that Rojas was not the intended targeted victim of the teen’s shooting, but the man who worked a fruit stand did not reach his destination to stop in and speak to his kids and wife. Instead an argument ensued between teens and the violence words became violent action, and shots were fired.

The Brooklyn casualty speaks volumes about the deadly behavior that teen punks with guns engage in and how innocent bystanders like Rojas, who only recently emigrated from the Dominican Republic, had his American dream shattered and torn from his now lifeless body.

Riding a bus anywhere in American should not be a gamble or a risk but unfortunately the 14-year-old teen whose gun was recovered by the police simply did not care. Too bad the death penalty as punishment has been outlawed against underage teens, because if convicted here would be a perfect candidate for the state to light up ‘Old Sparky’ the electric chair.

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