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Foursquare Ads Result in 1150% ROI for New Business

Thinking up a unique business idea is often the easy part — it’s knowing how to launch that’s the problem. Cheap, fast and effective is really what you’re aiming for with your launch, but that’s much easier said than done.

But what if it wasn’t? Snow & Company, a cocktail bar in Kansas City, used Foursquare ads to get their business off the ground. They saw an impressive 1150% ROI and were (obviously) very pleased with how it helped spread word of mouth.

And if you think about it, Foursquare makes a LOT of sense. More sense than Facebook or Twitter ads, anyway. With Foursquare, all users are actively looking for somewhere to go. On Facebook, you’re dealing with people who might not even be out of bed yet.

With Foursquare, you can spread word-of-mouth and build reputation pretty quickly — it only takes a few favourable votes and positive comments for new customers to take an interest. So, how can Foursquare Ads help your business?

  • Foursquare ads increase visibility. If there’s nothing to see on your Foursquare business page, they won’t be so effective. Upload pictures (good ones!) and make sure your menu, contact details and opening hours are all on your profile before you start using paid advertising.
  • You only pay for actions. If nobody clicks the ad, and nobody checks in at your business, your ad won’t cost you anything.
  • Foursquare will show your ad to users who have showed an interest in, or visited, similar establishments. That means they’re targeting your market for you.
  • They’ll also show your ad to anybody who happens to be near your business. Obviously, that’ll work much better if you’re in a busy area, but as you’re only paying for actions, it doesn’t really matter if you’re not.

Readers: Would you consider using Foursquare for advertising? If not, what are your concerns? Let us know in the comments!

You can find Mary C. Long on Twitter or connect with her here.

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