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Four zombie movies that you love, hate, or haven't seen

I don't really like lists that say five lesser known movies or movies you haven't seen. Why? Because I don't know everyone in the world and hey I could be wrong this movie is popular and it's just me who hasn't heard of it until now. I have made lists like that before, won't lie about it. The more I think about it though, it's easier to just say you haven't or have seen. Let's be technical here.

I don't really care a lot for zombies, but I will say there are plenty of great movies out there especially "White Zombie," and "Night of the Living Dead."

So you either have seen these or you haven't:

1. "Let Sleeping Corpses Lie" (1975)

"Let Sleeping Corpses Lie," is currently on Hulu and the film poster makes it look like a new age ghost film, actually it's a 70s zombie film. It's about a couple that are in trouble with the local police because of murders that were actually committed by zombies! The film is also known as, "The Living Dead at Manchester Morgue."

2. "The Video Dead" (1987)

I don't know it could have been I was half asleep and it was last at night, but I enjoyed this horror comedy. If you loved it or want to take a chance ScreamFactory did release a copy with another b-rated cheesy horror comedy flick, "TerrorVision."

3. "The Walking Dead" (1936)

No this has nothing to do with the TV show (well besides the zombie part), it's better because it has Boris Karloff. This is classified as a horror gangster movie. A man who was wrongly executed gets his revenge on some racketeers after he's bought back to life.

4. "Dead Meat" (2004)

"Dead Meat," is a low budget Irish zombie movie. The zombie virus doesn't come from anything nuclear, but instead from infected slaughtered animals. Yep, it's pretty gross, but aren't all zombie movies?

So those are four zombie movies that you either love, hate, or haven't seen.

What other movies do you love, hate, or haven't seen?

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