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Four werewolf movies of the 90s

Feeling a little woofy lately? Or is that just a little nostalgia hitting you? Well travel back just tad to the 90s and watch some of these werewolf movies. They will satisfy anyone who is looking for a werewolf flick, some may be better than others, and that all depends on your feelings of these four picks!

The picks:

1991: "The Runestone"

Willard Carroll directed "The Runestone." Peter Riegert, Joan Severance, and William Hickley starred in the movie about a legend that is part of Norse myth. You can watch this curiosity on Youtube.

1994: "Wolf"

Jack Nicholson has played in many movies and many different kind of movies, "Wolf" being something of that different kind of movie. Mike Nichols directed "Wolf" and Michelle Pfeiffer, James Spader, and Kate Nelligan starred alongside Nicholson. Nicholson played a top editor at a publishing house that gets bite by a well werewolf. The film has mixed reviews since its release but nevertheless it's interesting to see Nicholson play a werewolf.

1996: "The Werewolf"

Seriously this is probably one of the worst on the list. "The Werewolf" was a direct-to-video movie because it seemed like the director and the crew knew it wouldn't have done that great in theaters. Though don't want to knock the movie too much, it works for one thing, for an episode of "Mystery Science Theater 3000." Tony Zarindast directed the movie and Martin Sheen's brother starred in it, Joe Estevez.

1999: "Lycanthrope"

Also known as "Bloody Moon," "Lycanthrope," was directed by Bob Cook and had starred Robert Carradine, Michael Winslow, and Rebecca Holden. A scientific group that is studying the ozone layer in the Amazon, are being attacked one by one by a lycan.

So that's just a few werewolf flicks that came out of the 90s. What's your favorite werewolf movie on this list or in general?

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