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Four ways working from home is different from going to work

An older work-from-home tool
An older work-from-home tool
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  • 5 years ago

    Even at a home office, you have to assume the work position. That means setting aside a specific area and time that is off limits to all family social discussions. That's not easy when kids or grandkids are in the house. In that case and depending on the type of work, use after-5 hours for office work, especially if you are a writer. It's a self discipline thing that has to be honored and respected by all in the household.

  • Pam Houghton 5 years ago

    Frank - that's a great point. Everyone in the household needs to respect that you are required to get X number of work hours in per day, whatever you determine X to be.

  • Marian C Hobson 5 years ago

    I've found the same stuff and your comments are VERY similar to the post I posted today!
    Titled "I'm JUST as Stay at Home Mom"

    Look at www dot BetterYouBetterBiz dot com

  • carol anne 5 years ago

    Just a note: I will speak for my husband only. He would have written how much he got done plus take a nap.....

    We wouldn't nap we'd be doing another load of laundry......

  • Pam Houghton 5 years ago

    Hi Carol Anne - that is funny!

  • Marla 5 years ago

    My sweet spot for productivity is when my son is at school and sadly (and to my husband's chagrin) between 10:00 and midnight. I don't permit myself to do any household or kid-related chores then. Summer is the most challenging when my son's home. Great article. Thanks.

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