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Four ways to uncover hidden jobs


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In today’s job market, it’s essential to find unadvertised positions. Since there are approximately six candidates for every opening, competition is fierce. To differentiate yourself from other applicants, you need to successfully tap into the hidden job market. Below are 4 techniques you can use.

The most common method consists of contacting people in your professional and personal networks. These individuals are your warm contacts who could notify you of suitable, unadvertised positions at their respective companies. If not, they can refer you to individuals who can.

The targeted approach takes place when you restrict your job search to ten to twenty firms you would not mind working for. You will use alumni and/or professional databases and social networks like LinkedIn to identify current employees (who have something in common with you). Next you will request informational interviews to learn about their experiences, respective companies, and any potential suitable opportunities.

The direct approach involves cold calling hiring managers at your targeted companies to set up face-to-face meetings. This technique has a higher rejection rate but can uncover unadvertised positions quickly. You will tell these individuals that you can help generate revenue and profit growth for their companies and will like to stop by to tell them how. Feel free to read this career guide and career options article to learn more about this approach.

The passive approach consists of establishing both an online and offline presence. Afterwards, prospective employers will contact you regarding potential opportunities. You can establish an online and offline footprint by blogging about your expertise and assuming leadership roles in professional organizations, respectively.

In conclusion, you should diversify your job search strategy by maximizing both the advertised and hidden job markets. Since the majority of jobs are not advertised it is important to identify suitable, hidden opportunities. Likewise, you will increase your chances for job search success.

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