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Four ways to sell your clothes

Learn ways to sell your clothes.
Photo by TRES BIEN via Flickr

Do you have a lot of clothes in good condition that you cannot see yourself giving away for free? Are you looking to make more room in your closet and make some money at the same time? If so, it is time to sell some of your clothing and here are four ways to do so.

Yard/Garage Sale

Yard sales and garage sales are fast ways to make cash. You can have them at your convenience and are able to set your own prices. You may be holding the clothing item that someone in your neighborhood has been looking for at the right price.


EBay is one of the most popular online auctioning and retail sites. With multiple visitors looking for bargains, you come across the exact customers who want your used apparel.

Second hand store

Their are many stores in today's world who specialize in buying used clothing to resell them. Therefore, do your research for you may be coming home with a check today if you can find a clothing reseller near you.

Pawn shop

Last but not the least, many pawn shops will purchase your gently used leather jacket(s), expensive material coat(s), or heavy duty coat(s). However, you may have to search around to find out which ones will do so.

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