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Four ways to market your skills for free

Learn how to freely market your skills.
Learn how to freely market your skills.
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In the words of Muhammad Ali, if you have a talent, you should expose it. On that note, here are four ways you can market your skills at no cost to you.


Blogging is a good way to put out valuable information and gain followers. Sites such as Word Press, Blogger, and more offer free blog hosting. Therefore, consider blogging about what you know and do well.

Ezine Articles

Ezine Articles is a website for upcoming or established authors looking to write without being paid for their work. Because of the site's no paying agreement, authors whose works are accepted can write unlimitedly about their favorite subjects. This is as long as the content is approved by the website's editorial team.

Even if you are not an author, if you have a good knowledge base about something, Ezine Articles will help you expose it. Just to be sure to make sure your proposed writings are at least 400 words long.

This is the website where I first got started as an author. My works on Ezine Articles are still a strong point to my writing resume bringing me continuous exposure and special requests for publishing.

Social network posts

Before my articles were published on Ezine Articles, I used to write notes on Facebook. The comments and requests I received led me to take my writing to the next level. On that note, posting what you are passionate about or know well on your social network page can really benefit you too.

Tell others

Last but not the least, you may hold the talent that others are in need of. Therefore, simply speak up about what you do best. I have talked myself into multiple money earning opportunities simply by letting somebody know what I was capable of.

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