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Four Ways Obama Can Make Up For Pre-Empting the Lost Premiere

Lost's final season might get a late start, thanks to the State of the Union address.
Lost's final season might get a late start, thanks to the State of the Union address.

When word came out that this year's State of the Union address might be held on Feb. 2, fans of Lost reacted as if the Obama administration had outlawed a major food group.

 That's because the show's final season is scheduled to begin the same night.

 The White House has yet to say what date President Obama will give the address, but Lost fans aren't taking any chances. This afternoon, many of them sent messages to the president's Twitter feed with the tag #nostateofunionfeb2. 

 There's also a Facebook group called "Americans Against the State of the Union on the Same Night as LOST," in which one member writes "I'm down with Obama, just not on Feb. 2"

 But let's assume that these efforts fall on deaf ears, and the president gives the address that night, and Lost's premiere is pushed back a night, or even a week. There are still some ways Obama can give his speech on Feb. 2 and still make Lost's rabid fan base reasonably happy:

 1. Work "the numbers" into the speech as much as possible.

 It wouldn't be that hard. He could say things like "As Robert Kennedy said, more than four decades ago..." or "...over the next 42 weeks, I challenge this Congress..." Better yet: "In the coming year, we plan to spend  $4,815,162,342..."

 2. Charles Widmore could be part of the Republican response.

 Widmore probably would have been a McCain/Palin guy. Assuming he was eligible to vote. On second thought, he might not even be a citizen. And I'm not sure the GOP would want their message being delivered by a menacing British guy. Let's just move on...

 3. Name-drop one of the Flight 815 survivors

 It wouldn't be the State of the Union without some sort of dramatic anecdote about someone triumphing over adversity. Who says that person has to be real?

 "We see the American spirit in people like John Locke, a Los Angeles man whose kidney was stolen by his father, who then pushed him out a window, paralyzing him.  Yet Mr. Locke didn't succumb to defeat. He traveled to Australia..."

 4. Four Words: Real Life Dharma Initiative

 At some point during the evening, Obama is bound to bring up education, or the need to explore new technology. Maybe he could, say, propose setting a compound, where the best minds from around the globe could study meteorology, psychology, para-psychology,  zoology, and time travel. 

 Failing that, he could announce that he'd signed an executive order for Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse to take over running FlashForward, with Terry O'Quinn and Michael Emeron joining the cast.


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