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Four ways drinking water will help your workouts

Something as simple as drinking enough water to stay hydrated can have a few amazing benefits to your health and make your workouts noticeable better. By better, I mean, more efficient and productive, allowing you to work out harder and longer, burn more calories and gain better fitness than those that do not drink sufficient amounts of water.

Better Exercise

Water fuels your muscles and lubricates your joints. By regulating your body temperature, water helps you feel more energetic while exercising.

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Weight loss

This is a multi-faceted benefit of drinking enough water. Water has zero calories, making it an optimum beverage of choice for those watching their caloric-intake. Warm water helps to flush fats and the by-products of fat breakdown away from the body. An effective appetite suppresant, drinking water allows you to eat less and still feel full.

Drink water before meals and eat less:

Less cramps and strains

Water is an awesome lubricant to keep the body moving "fluidly" Other foods, such as bananas, also help to reduce cramping through the potassium found within the tasty yellow treats.

Water helps to relieve fatigue

By flushing out toxins and waste products, water helps to keep the body working optimally. With not enough water in your system, all of your vital organs must work harder to operate. Everything from your brain to your heart must work more vigourously just to maintain consistent normal levels. While you stress your body with a tough workout, you will put harmful stress on your vital organs, exhausting them and tiring yourself out prematurely in the process.


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