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Four truths in dating


The married man.
Don’t do it. He doesn’t care and he will not leave his wife for you. Have you also ever heard of the saying ‘you’ll lose your man the same way you got him’? How could you trust him if he actually did leave his wife? I know there are stories where this has worked out, but really, let’s be honest, it usually doesn’t.

Do I look fat?
You ask your guy if you look fat in that dress, if your butt looks too flat in those pants, or fill in the blank. Shut up, your guy doesn’t want to answer those questions. They totally think it’s a trap and they wouldn’t be with you if they thought you were hideous.

If I do “this” (fill in the blank)…do you think it will hurt him?
No, no I don’t because he won’t know that you’re trying to hurt him with your passive aggressive pain throwing. Want to hurt him? Emasculate him by making fun of something that will make him feel less of a man. This is still ill advised. Would you want him to purposely hurt you by calling you fat? This is what we call a mentally abusive relationship.

“This isn’t working”
If your mate says this without notice or warning and doesn’t have any interest in wanting to work out these mystery problems…he/she is cheating on you. This has been the case in almost any end to a relationship where these words were muttered without explanation. The other party is traumatized, dumbfounded, and will relive every argument possible. The first question you should ask is “Who is (s)he?”

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