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Four tips for back to school resume updating

Think about the things that your child needs to have for their first week of school; pencils, folders, highlighters, glue, scissors… You need the same things as components of your resume for job search at this time of year. The products are different, but their purposes are similar.
• The pencil of the resume… This is the content and details of what makes you a qualified candidate for the position. It also includes the information about your volunteer work, your professional affiliations, and your licensure and certifications.
• The folders of your resume…Have you considered the different sections you have your resume divided into? Maybe you need to redefine your categories or differentiate sections in varied ways to make prospective employers identify your potential value to their organizations.
• How and what should be highlighted? There should never be anything in your resume that is literally ‘highlighted’ or ‘bolded’. If you select the correct wording, hiring managers will know what you are trying to communicate. If you don’t choose impactful verbs, measurements, and other descriptive information that can help them differentiate you from the competition…you probably won’t get the interview.
• Glue and scissors are only necessary for repairs. Your resume probably was updated a few months ago. Now you have to review and revise it. Don’t necessarily take a machete to it. Be critical, but also evaluate the job descriptions you are applying for. Determine if your qualifications are a match, then submit a modified copy that fits their needs.

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