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Four things you must do before a job fair

Attending a job fair requires preparation and planning. Even if you are considering moving into a different industry or field, Phoenicians should not attend a job fair without preparation. It may seem like having a resume that is updated will be enough of a preparatory step, but if you only do that, you won’t move forward in the interview process. Here are the four things you MUST do before you attend a job fair:

  • Evaluate whether your resume accurately reflects your abilities. Phoenicians who show up to a job fair without knowing which companies are going to be there will be in trouble. In this economy, the more focused you appear to the employer the higher your potential to move into the next phase of the interview process. Tailor your resumes to the skills the employers are looking for that you consider to be strengths.
  • Establish what your social media should reflect about your skills. Take a look at your Facebook® and LinkedIn® profiles and make sure that they are professional, up to date, and complete. Employers will definitely check your social media profiles before they contact you, so you want to have the most current information to represent your experience.
  • Create examples that show a prospective employer the reasons you are valuable. Showing up to a career fair without having clear examples of your past work, volunteer, and organization experiences is a mistake. Write down the examples in detail so you can abbreviate the information when you have a limited amount of time with the employers at the event.
  • Develop a list of companies that will benefit from your strengths. The day before the event, review the list of employers attending. If the event doesn’t specify the positions they are hiring for, go to their websites and see what openings are listed that will favor your strengths.

Use this week to prepare so you can attend the career fair event on March 17th:

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