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Four Things to Read/Watch About LOST Before the Season Premiere

We're eight days away from the start of Lost's final season. And yeah, we could have waited until the one week mark to do this, but eight is a more significant number, as any longtime Lost fan can tell you.

Elizabeth Mitchell and Josh Holloway in a scene from season five of "Lost."

 With that in mind, here are four (again, significant Lost number) things to read or watch before next week's premiere:

 1. Entertainment Weekly's Jeff "Doc" Jensen. He's the master when it comes to this stuff, with insights into the show's layers that run so deep he's either crazy or secrerly writing Lost himself.  His latest piece deals with Lost as it relates to addiction and recovery. He also talks to a woman who based a church service around the show. If you're a fan of Lost, his columns are a must read every week.

 2. Maureen Ryan's interview with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse. Ryan, the TV critic for The Chicago Tribune conducted a three-part interview with Lindelof and Cuse, the show's key creative team. It's fairly in-depth, but there are no real spoilers.The first two parts can be found here and here. The third installment should be posted in a few days.

 3. Another new promo from the Spanish network Cuarto. These have been a lot better than the ones ABC produces. (In Spain, they call the show "Perdidos," which is actually a better title.) You can watch the first one below. 

 4. The entire series on-line.  Just to be clear: No one is suggesting you should do this. We're talking roughly 72 hours of TV here. But if you wanted to catch up, or just revisit old episodes, the option is there, thanks to ABC and Hulu, which are showing the entire series so far.

 We'll provide other interesting articles, videos, etc. leading up to the premiere next week. And each Wednesday, check back here for a recap/analysis of each new episode.


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