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Four things stay at home moms and dads should do every day

Are you doing everything you should do as a stay at home parent?

Sometimes stay at home moms and dads fall into a homebound rut—riddled with little adult interaction, stress levels, self doubt and isolation. Why do stay at home parents fall into such psyche damaging traps? Many stay-at-home parents fail to see “staying at home” as a legitimate job. There are five things that stay at home parents should do every day to be at the top of their game, perform well in their job—and be of the best service to their families.

Stay-at-home moms and dads should dress for work. While three day old sweat pants and an old high school football t-shirt are functional, or even comfortable, they may not be allowing stay-at-home parents to express themselves in the best of lights. Many stay-at-home parents were once working parents—who rose every morning to shower, apply makeup, and dress for success. This certainly should not change for parents working at home. Getting dressed for the day creates a more confident parent. A confident parent offers benefits to the entire family.

Stay at home parents should maintain adult interactions—with both parents and non-parents. Why is it so crucial to keep non-parent interactions? Non-parent friends are more likely to be in tune to adult social happenings, style trends, fashion news, celebrity gossip, workplace news, and other non-family friendly topics. Many stay-at-home parents “lose” personal identities for family ones. Non-parent pals keep those losses in check.

Successful, stay at home parents own a daily planner. Whether tracking daily accomplishments online or in paper form, day planners help stay at home parents document their work days. Even if the work day consists only of dinner prep, extracurricular chauffeuring and morning volunteer time at the school, writing down those tasks and checking them off an “official” list helps many parents see “stay at home” activities with the proper, "work-day", valued perspective.

Satisfied, stay-at-home parents remember why staying at home matters. End each day, no matter how trying, dull or demanding with at least three positive thoughts. Write them down in a journal and focus on the reasons that encouraged an at-home parenting role. Focusing on the day’s events that support the logical reasoning that prompted mom or dad to be stay at home parent, makes it more likely to find more genuine pride in a role as a stay at home parent.

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