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Four super bowls this Sunday

While most of America will be watching the Super Bowl Sunday, not everyone will be. Some people will be stuck at work, and of course there are some people who do not watch sports. Of course, the Super Bowl is a huge event across the country and most people will throw small to huge Super Bowl parties and gather with friends and family for a fun night with some good food.
What about those other people? Is there anything for them to watch? Well the two other types of Super Bowls are also airing this Sunday. The 10th annual Puppy Bowl will air on Animal Planet and the 1st annual Kitten Bowl will air on the Hallmark Channel, and Nat Geo Wild will air Fish Bowl.
The Puppy Bowl has been gaining viewers over the last 10 years. They do not ever expect to steal ratings from the Super Bowl which is watched by over 100 million people, but over 5 million people have tuned into it in the past and the number keeps rising. Who wouldn’t want to watch a bunch of adoptable puppies from shelters run around tackling each other and fighting to win the big game? Puppies are so adorable and loveable and whoever wouldn’t want to give the Puppy Bowl a chance, is simply not a dog person. All dog lovers should tune into the Puppy Bowl. The Puppy Bowl also airs three and a half hours before the Super Bowl even begins. Of course, if you want to watch all the pre-game fun or you have to travel to your Super Bowl party destination, you can always set the Puppy Bowl to record on your DVR. This is a win win for both teams!
What if you are not a dog person? You must have a thing for kittens or fish then? If not you need to find some animal love for your life. The Kitten Bowl is similar to the Puppy Bowl in a way that it also will showcase adoptable kittens from a shelter. Even people who are not very fond of cats could easily smile watching these adorable kittens fight to win their big game, even if they have no idea they are fighting for a win. Critics worry that the fish bowl will be a flop since it is harder to get viewers into watching fish swimming back and forth in a tank. The other problem with Fish Bowl is it airs at 6P.M. compared to Kitten and Puppy Bowl which air before the Super Bowl.
Only time will tell, but we shall see what the ratings come out to be. Tune into the Bowl of your choosing, but consider Kitten and/or Puppy Bowl for your own Pre Super Bowl pre-game show!

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