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Four staycation home improvement projects and Two new items

A “staycation” is simply choosing to take a vacation by staying at home, thus saving the money that would otherwise be required to take a trip overseas or at a domestic, popular tourist attraction.

Updating a fixture by getty images

Regardless of whether the staycation consists of a three-day weekend or a week-long escape, there's a few simple projects that homeowners and apartment dwellers can do to turn their spare time into a productive one (and relieve any possible boredom):

Stain the Garage Floor
Garages often tend to be ignored when doing home improvement projects; but since many homeowners use their garage as a workspace, staining the floor can clear away any oily spots and paint stains that have accumulated over time. Plus, a clean, maintained garage can increase the resale value!

Update the Faucets
Old faucets can make bathrooms appear dated. But as long as there are no plumbing problems, faucets can be easily and quickly replaced with current models (if there are any potential plumbing problems, talk to a professional first before replacing anything. Once a go-ahead has been given, you can spend a weekend or a couple of days on this task. The results should be not only dramatic, but also aesthetically pleasing.

Add a Bit of Color
This is one of the easiest ways to give a house (or apartment) new “lift.” And it can be as small-scale or as grandiose as you like (one or two rooms to start, then onward). If you're removing old paint, consider using sanding pads; it'll make the the job much easier.
And the whole family can also be included in any painting project; the kids (those old enough) can select their own colors for their rooms and perhaps paint a little as well.

Include Some Eco-friendly Updates
These can include: Replacing old air conditioners, toilets and water fixtures with newer, more efficient models and installing a programmable thermostat that makes it easier to control heating/cooling costs and conserve energy.

Two New Items

The wrought-iron Isabelle Dining Table and Chairs set (two total) comes with a bright, water-repellent Citron Umbrella and comfortable Scatter Daisy Cushions. It's $730 for the entire item; check out for more info and details.

The Handmade Canvas Range Tent was actually designed for working cowboys (that's how sturdy this is!). Retail price is $619; for more info, log on to

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