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Four siblings share wedding: Quadruple wedding is a family affair for 4 siblings

Four siblings no doubt shared quite a bit growing up – their clothes, their toys, the television remote and the attention from mom and dad. But one Utah family kept the sharing thing alive as they took part in the one day that’s generally all about just two individuals – their wedding.

The Fortneys – a family of eight including six children – gathered together to observe the union of one man, but also three women. 19-year-old Meagan Fortney, 23-year-olds Grace Fortney and Jessica Fortney, and 21-year-old Marcus Fortney all tied the knot together at a joint ceremony and then attended one (very large) reception. asked the newlyweds if the eight of them also honeymooned together. Today wrote: “Four Utah siblings who recently got married on the same day want to make one thing clear: They did not extend their family togetherness into the honeymoons. ‘No!’ members of the Fortney family collectively told Today on Monday, just a day after returning from their separate honeymoons.”

Father Kevin Fortney spoke of seeing four of his six kids married together.

“It was a wonderful opportunity to attend each one of the children’s weddings, and the siblings were able to attend each other’s wedding as well,” Kevin said. “And so to sit and watch each one of your children be married and then to have their brothers and sisters there, it was a great experience.”

Kevin said that although the idea sounded nice, as the wedding day approached, the last minute running around and hullaballoo was almost too much. We all know how much planning goes into a single wedding. Imagine multiplying that by four.

“You first think, ‘Man, that’s great,’ and then the wave comes and it blows you over and you’re being tossed around in the sand,” he said. “And you stand up at the end and you realize you’re just grateful to have your dignity because your suit is still on.” carried a wedding photo of the eight newlyweds. A great looking family for sure. Even their gorgeous dresses and classy tuxes matched perfectly.

As they say, here comes the bride, and the bride, and the bride… oh, and the groom. Congrats Fortney family!

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