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Four rules to sexy eyes

Every woman wants those sexy eyes because we want our man to gaze deeply in ours and never let go, right? And, get this; it takes only 4 simple rules! Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and it’s time to look your sexiest for your man on the most romantic day of the year. Just follow these rules.

Rule No. 1: Define your eyebrows. It has been said again and again, no look is ever complete without defining your eyebrows. The trend right now is well-shaped and well-groomed. If you get it waxed, be sure to tweeze when you see little hairs coming out of their shell. We don’t like those. Now if you have problems with the brow hair staying in place, take your eyebrow brush, spray a little bit of hair spray on your fingers, dab your fingers on your brow hair, and then brush them up with your brush. This will keep the brow hair in place. Be sure to fill them in with powder. Powder looks more natural than lining them in with a pencil.
Rule No. 2: Layer your eye shadow by using at least two shades. You’ll look sexier and your eyes will give more attention to those looking at you. Mix up the colors, don’t be afraid. Try mixing a cool gray with a dark blue; or mixing a soft pink with a dark purple. The one mistake you must avoid is forgetting to blend in your colors.
Rule No. 3: Lining your lids correctly. Yes, winging them out is daring, but only if your shadow is also winged out. Make sure your liner matches your shadow on the top and on the bottom. If you want to go even more daring, smudge it for that dark smoky effect. The one mistake you should avoid: Daring lips and Daring eyes, big no-no.
Rule No. 4: Lashes. If you have those long lashes, curl them, apply mascara, and if you want to go bold, wait another 10 seconds before applying another coat. Be sure to run your mascara comb through your lashes to prevent clumping. Short lashes? Go bold and put those fake lashes on. There are lashes that are not so dramatic, more natural. Be sure to follow the rules of applying fake lashes and always be sure to blend your fake lashes in with your real ones.
So no worries, girls, you’re covered! Just follow these four simple rules and the next time some guy is looking at you, he’ll be telling you what sexy eyes you have.


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