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Four Roses Bourbon: Review for Single Barrel and Small Batch

Four Roses Bourbon: Images
Four Roses Bourbon: Images

Four Roses Bourbon is a multi-award winning spirit, which hails from Kentucky. It's been around since 1884 and was founded by Paul Jones Jr. on Louisville's Whiskey Row. The name comes from a marriage proposal gone right.

Four Roses Bourbon billboard

It seems that Jones asked his love to marry him, via sent proposal. She responded that if she were to wear four roses to a certain grand ball, then, her answer was, "Yes."

Affirmatively, she was wearing the corsage.

Single Barrel (100 proof)

Our nosing and first sip were wrought with a distinctive astringency. We tried it neat and did eventually notice a fruity following. The Single Barrel version packs a smooth punch. But, a punch nonetheless.

If you are not a whiskey person, then you will want to consume the Single Barrel with something else. The Single Barrel is excellent for just such a thing!

Small Batch (90 proof)

This version of Four Roses Bourbon is also strong, distinctive, bold and smooth. An initial sniff brings up clove and cinnamon. A sip will coat your mouth and you'll barely notice individual spaces. It is also a strong finish.

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