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Four reasons why you shouldn’t hold a garage sale during a three-day weekend

Do you live near a festival site held over a three-day weekend? Then you might want to rethink your plans for a garage sale.
Do you live near a festival site held over a three-day weekend? Then you might want to rethink your plans for a garage sale.
Photo by Paul Marotta

Your home may be overflowing with stuff you and your family no longer need or want. While using a garage sale to get rid of stuff and earn a bit of cash sounds like a great idea, you might want to rethink your plans if you want to hold your sale during a three-day weekend. The following are a few reasons to consider when scheduling your garage sale during a three-day weekend.

Lack of customers: Does your neighborhood resemble a ghost town during the summer weekends? If most of your neighbors tend to spend their weekends in summer homes or visiting friends, then rethink your garage sale strategy. While you can certainly advertise your sale so people from other towns can visit, your sale may receive more interest from people walking their dogs or out for a run.

Lack of other garage sales: It’s likely your neighbors may take advantage of an upcoming three-day weekend to relax, get caught up on errands and housework, or take a road trip. You’re less likely to see other garage sales in your neighborhood during the three-day weekend, which can hurt your chances to sell your stuff. Shoppers may not want to drive halfway across town for one sale, but may do so if there are several sales within a short distance of each other. In other words, a rising tide lifts all the boats. Keep an eye out for garage sales signs in your neighborhood, talk to neighbors, and check out online listings on sites like Gsalr or Craigslist to gauge if sales are scheduled near your home for an upcoming three-day weekend.

More foot traffic, but fewer sales: Perhaps you live in a town that holds a huge annual festival in celebration of a big summer holiday over a three-day weekend, and your neighborhood is a popular place for visitors to park their cars. While you might get a significant amount of foot traffic, that might not translate to actual sales. People may only bring enough cash or perhaps carry only credit cards to purchase a funnel cake or a burger or two at the festival. This means they may not have any cash left for scooping up a few DVDs or clothing at your sale. In addition, the increase in foot traffic means you’ll need to have a friend or two on hand to help keep an eye on your sale, and to stay safe.

Less money after paying for a celebration: It’s likely budgets are a bit tighter during a three-day weekend, since many people may be paying for barbecue supplies, gas money for road trips, or movie tickets for an upcoming film. After purchasing essentials for the weekend, people may opt to skip your sale.

When it comes to finding the right time to have a garage sale, you know you neighborhood best. If you think you might make some cash while clearing out space in your home, then go for it.

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