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Four Questions to Ask When Your Relationship Isn't Working

So you and your loved one been experiencing a downfall. There are questions that you have to ask yourself when facing a relationship crisis:

1) How could I love myself more? Loving Yourself is an important part of a relationship. How could you expect someone else to love you if you do not love you? Don't blame yourself on what is going wrong. Focus on the good parts of yourself and the relationship.

2) What is it here that I am to learn? In every relationship there is a lesson. Someone comes across our paths and teaches us about ourselves and how to better our life.

3) What is it that I believe about myself that this situation is showing me? If you believe negative things about your relationship you will experience downfalls. If you believe and expect positive results that is what you will get. It is all about the Law of Attraction.

4) What can I do about it? There are actions that you can take to make the relationship work. Talk things out or if you are at fault maybe there are some things that you need to work on.

Once you asked yourself those questions you are on your way to make your relationship better. Every relationship has it's ups and downs. It's the couples that stick together and work it out that are meant to be together. After all when you really love someone you will do anything to make it work.

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