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Four P's Sony needs for 2009 and beyond



Companies all around the world generally tell their consumers and employees about their mission statements and what the company stands for. They all have core values they are proud of and practice their business based off of this set group of said values.

The momentum of Sony is beginning on an upward swing, but all they need to do now is begin practicing and telling about these four "P's" I came up with.

1) Price

This year during the game expo circuits, Sony needs to announce some sort of break in the price of their Playstation 3 console. Given the state of consumers' pockets, a $400 price tag is still out of reach for many trying to conserve their money.

Sony should not lower the price of an already available SKU only to then not produce that SKU after the current stock has run out, like they did in 2007 with the 60GB version. 

Make the price drop permanent and make it appealing. Just do not shove old games with the model and keep it at its current price.

2) Promise

Whenever Sony announces a product, it usually comes at a time when it is too early to talk about it. The prime example was Playstation Home. Two years after it was first announced, Sony struggled to deliver this to its consumers and when it finally came to the masses, it was still in a Beta form. Many gamers say that Home was a failure when it came out.

Another example was Killzone 2 that was announced in 2005, Sony saying that the game would look exactly like the FMV in all aspects when the game was released. Though the game looked like the demo movie when it came out, Sony placed an unnecessary burden on itself for those many months to deliver the promise of these graphics.

Sony must plan an announcement that best suits the product and not over speak. The window of the announcement should be maintained 6-12 months before the product comes out, not the 2 year ahead of time model that Sony has now for some of its products.

3) Push

Now that Sony has the ball rolling to have a great 2009 line-up of exclusive titles, Sony needs to tell the consumers and gamers what to expect from them this year as well as the next (still staying in its 6-12 month announcement window). This push needs to come in the form of marketing, producing clear and cut commercials for television that explains exactly what the product is, being it a game or the system itself (an article about these commercials can be found here). There have been a couple of recent PSP commercials that show exactly what they are selling and this trend of simple commercial needs to continue in the year ahead.

Push the upcoming titles of Infamous, MAG, Uncharted 2, and when the time comes closer, push God of War III.

4) Produce

With this 2009 line-up comes a handful of exclusive titles that make the Playstation 3 more desirable to gamers. You also have the exclusive PSN titles such as Fat Princess, Wipeout, Pixel Junk, etc.  Sony must continue to produce the exclusives and other items that will only appeal to its system. Naturally, by having unique titles and accessories, this makes the system more of a value.

Luring developers with the Pub Fund and other perks for giving Sony the exclusive makes for better products and interest from developers. Keep this up and the production will continue to increase.

The Playstation 3 is a great system and has an interest game library so far and more are coming soon. These suggestions are just some things Sony can utilize to make 2009 an even better year for them.


  • Mark Bernt 5 years ago

    There's no way they can drop the price, it's that stupid Blu-Ray drive they put in there. They shot themselves in the foot doing that.

  • Shendow 5 years ago

    @Mark Bernt

    Oh like RROD for 360? Please, Rockstar has even said that they were happy that the PS3 has 50GB space and God Of War is said to be on a 100GB Bluray and Dvd's as slowly getting outdated as well as we are starting to see Bluray help sells of HDTV's.

  • Voodoo 5 years ago

    @Mark Bernt. Err, yeah that stupid drive. What are you talking talking about! Look at the dead-end MicroSoft have got them selves into because there isn't a high def drive available for them to use.

    What a stupid comment!!

  • Dustin 5 years ago

    bluray is a advantage over xbox not a burrden buddy. they could lower the price a bit if they wanted but whats the point ps3 is still saling even at the highest console cost.

  • darkpower 5 years ago

    Mentioning the PS Home thing isn't exactly fair considering how that whole thing GOT revealed (hint: Kotaku's ignorance).

  • name 5 years ago


  • name 5 years ago

    i think the only thing they need is firmeware updates.
    theres still 101 things the 360 can do that the ps3 cant and thats just pathetic concidering the 200$ extra price tag.
    but i can not believe how much faster xbox live is.
    i bought a 360 today and it took me 12 YES 12 minutes to download and install the update.
    the latest ps3 firmeware took me 2 AND A HALF FECKING HOURS.
    i downloaded duke nukem 3D today wich is arround 800MB if memory serves me and it took 20 minutes.
    but that i downloaded the titan pack wich is 900MB i think and that took 2 HOURS.
    catch my drift? sony you need to pull your finger out of your ... and bring this 200$ extra console up to par with the 360 otherwise you will never out sell it.

  • dAVID THE iNTERN 5 years ago

    PC Magazine Apr 17, 2009 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    "Is the Playstation 3 in a Death Spiral?"

    Enough said!

  • William 5 years ago

    You can't do anything about price, you pay for what you get

    Cheap and crappy = Wii
    Expensive and awesome = Ps3