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Four (or more) Things to Love About Rome

Enjoying at Fernet at San Calisto
Enjoying at Fernet at San Calisto Liza the Wine Chick

I have been waylaid at home this rainy week with a bad knee with a couple of stitches. I have had a lot of time, needless to say, to think about what I love about my adoptive home town: Rome. Let’s start first with Fernet Branca, which I had just finished drinking in the picture above, which is widely available just like in San Francisco! Second: classic dive bars with long leases, such as San Calisto (pictured), a affordable hangout in Trastevere for much of Rome for decades.

The management is now providing guests with actual glass glasses after a period of suspension when only plastic was used because of clients’ propensity to brawl in the piazza outside.

Four: Puntarelle (pictured above) is a seasonal chicory served for only a handful of months in Rome. The crunchy, fresh greens are dressed in an anchovy sauce. Five: fresh flowers. I adore how you can mix and match the colors and types at the small stands on the street.

Cin Cin,

Liza the Wine Chick