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Four NYC restaurants made the top fifty restaurants in the world

NYC has four of them
NYC has four of them
The World’s 50 Best Restaurants 1-50 (via

With New York City being one of the biggest and diverse cities in the world, it should be no surprise that New York restaurants would rank up to the top fifty restaurants in the world according to Whether food is worth the amount paid for or not is in the eyes (or palate) of the beholder. But no matter what, be prepared to hand over the wallet at these five New York restaurants!

Ranking number four is Eleven Madison Park. Although it is pricey at $225 per person, patrons are certainly in for a unique dining experience. A card trick at the beginning of the meal determines the filling of their dessert at the end of the meal. The ingredients are fresh and sometimes unusual, such as a quail's egg yolk. So if mixing food and magic sounds appealing, make the reservations thirty days in advance at one of the world's top five restaurants.

Twenty first ranked French seafood restaurant Le Bernardin has an interesting history. Started in France, the name of Le Bernardin comes from a song about monks who liked to eat and drink that their father used to sing to them as children. A prix-fixe three course lunch will cost $76 while a four course dinner will cost $135. Fish on the menu include oysters, clam, and such delicacies as caviar.

Another French restaurant, Per Se, believes that their restaurant is less about the food and more about caring for the people and making them happy by providing a memorable experience. Ranking at number thirty, they have proved this to be a good philosophy. Their menu changes daily with each chef making his own dish for people to choose from.

Also with French roots is fortieth ranked Daniel's New York restaurant in Manhattan. The menu is influenced by the seasons but the cellar holds over two thousand wines, which includes wines from Burgundy and the Rhone Valley. There is also a bar/lounge at Daniel. It is popular amongst many Upper East Side residents with prestige, so who knows who one will meet there?

These Michelin ranked restaurants all have several things in common besides the hefty price tag. It is not just the food that they offer their customers. They offer undivided attention to their product and service. In a sense, when one dines at these restaurants, they should feel like family at least for a little while. But aside from this, meals like this would be suited for groups who not only want to enjoy their food but spend quality time together as people do in other countries when they dine without inhaling their food like Americans have become so accustomed to in the fast paced culture. So perhaps it sometimes is true when they say "time is money".

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