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Four life changing ideas to consider when homebound in cold weather

Cold, freezing weather conditions forces most of us indoors for longer periods but allows ample time to consider self improvement.

We have to adapt to cold weather. We should do the same with our lives by being more flexible.
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Just like we adjust our living patterns to the weather, we can do the same in life. If you can’t avoid or alter your stressors, try adapting.

On the other side of fear is freedom. Right now is a good moment to change yourself. By changing your expectations and attitude, you gain control, or at least your sense of control.

Stress will remain out of your control until you decide to take responsibility for your role in generating and continuing it.

Here are some low hanging fruit you can consider tackling right now to get you on your way to freedom from stress:


The day you stop being the general manager of the universe, is the day more happiness is allowed in your life. Adjust your sails….and your standards. Perfectionism is one of the key causes of avoidable stress. You create failure by insisting on perfection. Relax. Set practical standards for yourself and others. It’s good enough and will be okay.


Adapt a more positive outlook. When someone cuts in front of you on the highway during heavy traffic, tell yourself “Well bless his heart. I am so glad he is front of me to maneuver through this jam so I can relax, regroup and enjoy my drive.”


Just how important is what you are grieving about in the long run? Does it really matter? Will it matter tomorrow? Next month? What are you gaining by being this upset? Is it really worth your agony? Focus your time and energy elsewhere.


Stay on the positive track. Reflect on all the things you appreciate in life, including your own positive qualities and blessings. Relax, and keep things in perspective.

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