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Four Letter Lie tears it up at Station 4


Four Letter LIe  photo by Drew Carlson
On the Saturday before Cinco de Mayo, some spent it getting riled up at the local Mexican-themed bars, while others enjoyed themselves in a testosterone-fueled showcase at Station 4.
Many of Minneapolis’ renowned local hardcore bands opened for the signed sensations Four Letter Lie. Hardcore bands such as Damietta, Venia, and Your Memorial helped get the crowd sweaty and riled up before Four Letter Lie took the stage. Along with those drum-heavy grunting bands, the show’s line up also had some interesting opening acts for this particular show. Acoustic-based solo act, Jamestown Story, opened the show with its acoustic serenades. Power-pop band Lights Out Dancing was also on the bill for the show.  They performed their rendition of Taylor Swift’s song “Love Story;” but this sort of covering has been way over done. I can’t go anywhere without having these new Pop-punk bands covering the country-star’s singles.
This show had a good balance, with lighter “poppier” bands accompanying more hardcore head-banging bands. I wouldn’t have known what I would’ve done if all five opening acts were hardcore bands. I can only take so much gut-wrenching vocals and machine-gunned noised drums. Don’t get me wrong, I love the occasional double-bass and killer guitar riffs, but when I have to stand there listening to band after band playing all the same genre, it all seems to blend together and create this metal/hardcore tumor.
Those opening hardcore bands could learn a thing or two from Four Letter Lie. With being the only band signed on the bill, Four Letter Lie mixes its hardcore roots with some soulful singing. Four Letter Lie did just that Saturday evening, even with its former singing/guitar player abruptly deciding to leave the band this past month.
Kevin Skaff, Four Letter Lie’s singer and guitar player is no longer part of the band due to his choice to leave. So how did Four Letter Lie perform this show you wonder? Close friend of frontman, Brian Nagan, of Four Letter Lie, Anthony Jones, filled the big shoes of Skaff. When Skaff decided to leave, a void needed to be filled and Jones stepped up to the plate. Although it’s only temporary, I feel that Jones did an excellent job on Saturday.
Four Letter Lie is now currently in the studios recording their new demos. Their third full album was originally scheduled to be released around this time, but now with some member changes, the band will now have to start from the beginning again. Even with this minor speed bump along the way, I see great things ahead for one of Minneapolis’ biggest and most extraordinary bands.
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