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Four hotels and a dad (part two of four)

chatting up the hotel's mascot "Miss Scarlett" will be a highlight of Dad's stay
chatting up the hotel's mascot "Miss Scarlett" will be a highlight of Dad's stay
Laurie Wiegler

Scarlett. The name evokes cinematic images of Vivien Leigh fending off Clark Gable in the 1939 masterpiece "Gone with the Wind".

But here at the Hotel Modern, the name is for the bird, specifically the rare Eclectus Parrot, "Miss Scarlett".

This boutique hotel in the hip and artsy Warehouse District at Lee Circle used to be Le Cirque before its mod and masterful renovation a few years ago. It reminded this reviewer very much of Hotel Modern du Temple in Paris, at least in the lobby and with its modest elevators with fine dark wood panels.

With 135 comfy rooms equipped with what the hotel touts as "thoughtfully curated" books such as "The Red Badge of Courage" and divine, eco-friendly toiletries and linens, this is the whisper to the French Quarter's shout.

Now back to Miss Scarlett.

Holding her is possible, particularly if your dad is a) an animal lover and b) asks to visit with her during Kyle's shift. The hotel clerk not only has a way with the parrot, but tells this examiner that in his spare time, he rescues stray dogs.

This is THE hotel for the artsy dad, who can not only spend the Dad's Day weekend enjoying the superior service, divine accoutrements and modern art but venturing into the neighboring restaurant, the delicious Tivoli & Lee for a farm-to-table gastronomic indulgence. Afterwards, Belocq cocktail lounge will soothe the most weary dads.

Ambiance at the restaurant is enticing, with its reclaimed wood and copper bar top to its fresh, sustainable ingredients erupting from New Orleans-centric dishes Mustard Braised Rabbit, Smoked Ham Hock and the like.

Another plus for Poppy: the views extend as far as the Superdome to your far right to the Crescent City Bridge on the left. This examiner grew wistful when she heard the clack of the red streetcar approaching on St.Charles.

If your dad wants a private getaway with Mom or his girlfriend, just call the hotel and pay in advance. They will be more than happy to accommodate.

And say hello to Miss Scarlett for me. Oh yes, she does say "Hello!"

To book, visit: Located at: 936 St. Charles Ave. (right on the streetcar line), New Orleans. Phone: (504) 962-0900. In the former Le Cirque hotel at Lee Circle

Writer's note, 1/5/2015: The original story erroneously referred to Miss Scarlett as "Eclectic". She may very well be that, too, but she's an Eclectus Parrot!

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