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Four freaky stories to tell while hanging out at the campfire

Tomorrow is the first day of summer, that means that many are going to be doing a lot more picnics, bbqs, swimming, and of course more camping. Horror and summer have been together before especially stories about camping gone wrong (remember the camp counselors in those Friday the 13th movies?) Anyway, when you go camping you always get the s'mores out and decide to do a campfire naturally, and of course the art of telling stories should be relived through this fire. In a digital world, it's sometimes refreshing to go out even for a night and tell stories doing a bonfire, especially stories of the supernatural.

Come back to the wilderness and bring these well known spooky legends with you:

1. "The Hook"

Literally "The Hook," is one of my favorite urban legends! There are many variations of the story, some are down right disturbing while others are subtle. One version tells of a young couple making out at lover's lane, they are listening to music while kissing, the music stops, and warns the public about a serial killer, who has escaped from an institution. The man has a hook for one of his hands. Well after much debate the couple finally decides to leave, they get home, and see a hook hanging on the back of their bumper.

Now there is another variation is once again a young couple, their in the woods, a convict escapes, he has a hook hand, but this time the couple doesn't leave, they stay. The boyfriend goes outside, (sometimes the stories goes he had to use the bathroom, others say he leaves to get help because his car breaks down) and after awhile the girlfriend hears a scraping noise. She walks about, and sees her boyfriend hanging. Another variation is that the killer is holding his head. It all depends who told you the story and how freaky you want to tell it.

2. "The Ribbon"

I remember reading this one as a child in a book, and I thought it was pretty creepy, and little ironic. Basically the jest of the story is this, a young couple get marry. Now the girl, she always wears a ribbon (yellow, red, or black are the colors I've read about), and her husband can't figure out why she never takes the ribbon off. Well curiosity gets the young man and one day he pulls the ribbon off his wife, when she is sleeping, and the young woman's head falls off. The young man goes insane after that. It's an old legend that is always a good one to share!

3. "Red Meat"

I read a story in a book called "Tales for the Midnight Hour," and this story has always been an interesting one. I call it "Red Meat," because the story is about a newlywed couple, and a wife's curiosity. Well the wife doesn't understand why her husband doesn't eat red meat. One day she hides meat in a dish, he never notices, he eats it, and the husband turns into a werewolf. The wife never sees her husband again, and learns a dark lesson. Like the second story I shared, it deals with curiosity.

4. "Baby Vampire" or called "Midnight Feeding"

I've read once again in the book, "Tales for the Midnight Hour," about this, and I swear I've seen this one a horror anthology. It's about a babysitter, who goes and babysits for a family that just moved there. She takes up their babysitting offer, and babysits their infant son. They leave her with the baby, she notices that the family is a little different.

Well after sometimes, the babysitter hears screaming coming from the crib, she goes and picks up the baby. He's obviously hungry, so she lives him up, and well the baby latches on to her neck. It sounds like something from "It's Alive," but the real kicker is the parents are vampires too.

So those are four stories that you can customized for your own liking, and this weekend celebrate the first day of summer by having your own campfire, and tell these tales!

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