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Four erotic movie gems I found on Netflix

Four erotic movie gems I found on Netflix-slide0

I enjoy watching movies as much as the next person, but a lot of what Hollywood has been churning out leaves me bored, broke and yearning for something different. In my humble opinion, most of the movies being released today feature the same tired story lines and the same uninspiring actors and actresses. I rarely get excited about new releases unless it happens to be directed by Tim Burton or is an original horror movie. To make matters even more difficult, I enjoy movies of an adult nature. Let me be clear-not pornography but definitely something more risque than 9 1/2 Weeks or Basic Instinct. I can't exactly walk into my neighborhood video store and find a selection of these movies and adult video stores tend to carry movies of a much more graphic nature. Luckily, Netflix has a decent revolving selection of movies in this category for me to view. Here are four hidden gems I found on Netflix.

Lie With Me

Lie With Me stars Eric Balfour (David) and Lauren Lee Smith (Leila) as adventurous, aggressive young adults who embark on a passionate affair. As Leila struggles with her growing feelings, David is faced with the decision to stay with his girlfriend or abandon what he has with Leila. While the couple battles with their feelings for one another, outside forces seem insistent at pulling them apart, as well. This movie is beautifully shot and edited, but it is Lauren's portrayal of Leila that makes the movie such a standout to me. She attacks a difficult role with such honesty and openness, that you believe she is Leila.

Diary of a Nymphomaniac

Diary of a Nymphomaniac stars Belen Fabra as the unapologetic, sexually voracious, Val. At the urging of her grandmother, Val begins to keep a diary of her sexual adventures beginning at the age of 15 when she lost her virginity through her time working as a high priced prostitute. This movie takes an unflinching look into the heart of the lead character as she experience love and loss. Val is portrayed in such a pure, raw way that I felt her high's and low's almost as if I was experiencing them myself.

Room In Rome

Room In Rome stars Elena Anaya (Alba) and Natasha Yarovenko (Natasha) as young women visiting Rome. They meet each other while out at a club and go back to Alba's hotel room where they share a night of sexual exploration, secrets and life stories. Everything about this movie is beautiful, from the actresses to the sets to the music. All of the pieces of this cinematic puzzle work together to complete an erotic masterpiece.

Last Tango In Paris

Last Tango In Paris stars Marlon Brando (Paul) and Maria Schneider (Jeanne). When Paul's wife commits suicide, he tried to drown his grief in the carnal pursuit of a beautiful stranger. The relationship is anonymous, impersonal and sometimes bordering on cruel. What I enjoyed most about this movie is the way it is shot and presented mirrors the impersonal relationship the leads have.

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