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Four easy steps to get ready for Twitch broadcasting on your Xbox One

Twitch app screenshot
Twitch app screenshot

Twitch, the premier game streaming service, has been available on Xbox One since the console's launch, but gamers were only able to view streams through the app, not to actually broadcast games.

This will all change within the next seven days, as the Xbox One's Twitch app will receive a hearty update to enable live broadcasting. The timing of the update is quite significant, as Microsoft was likely pushing to get the broadcasting feature available in time for the Titanfall launch on March 11.

Although the update will not be available until likely next week, Xbox One users should prepare in advance so that they can get up and running with their livestreams as soon as the app gets pushed out.

Here are the four steps to get ready for Twitch broadcasting:

1) Get Xbox Live Gold. Twitch broadcasting on Xbox One requires an Xbox Live Gold subscription, so if you aren't a Gold member already, be sure to pick up a subscription.

2) Download the Twitch App onto your Xbox One. It's easy to find the Twitch app on Xbox One. Simply go to Apps on the dashboard and search for Twitch. Another easy method is to simply say, "Xbox Bing," then "Twitch." The app is completely free.

3) Create an Twitch account at You will need a Twitch account in order to broadcast games. Creating a Twitch account is free, and you can even connect your Facebook account to simplify account creation. Once you make your account, you can give your channel a name, add details about your channel, and even upload a profile picture. There currently is no option to connect an Xbox Live account, but you'll be able to log into your account via the app when the update becomes available.

4) Get your "studio" ready. The Twitch app will allow you to broadcast a live video feed of you playing from your living room from your Kinect (this feed can be turned on or off at any time), so you might want to create a cool environment for your viewers. Some streamers like to show off their favorite gaming swag in the background, or even set up properly lighting so that they show up nicely on camera. In terms of audio, Twitch will stream your voice if you want it to as well. The microphones on Kinect can be used to broadcast your voice, or you can opt to use any compatible headset. By the way, the new Xbox One stereo headset has an excellent microphone built into it.


That's four easy steps to set up your Xbox One for live broadcasting via the Twitch app. Once the app's update rolls out, you'll be able to get livestreaming quickly. And don't forget the voice command, "Xbox broadcast."

Follow me on Twitch, as I'll be streaming the latest games, including Titanfall.

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