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Four classic movies to watch for Judy Garland's birthday

The late and great Judy Garland was born on this day (June 10) in 1922. The actress starred in many films, one that is her most notable that generations will always remember is "The Wizard of Oz." Garland was in several movies movies after "The Wizard of Oz," but her role as Dorothy seems to be an iconic role that even little kids know her as Dorothy. It's a favorite among generations, but this article is going to look at four of her other movies that were also quite popular, from her first adult roles to her first dramatic role.

Four movies to watch:

1. "Presenting Lily Mars" (1943)

"Presenting Lily Mars," was a musical that was produced by MGM, and starred with Garland, Van Heflin. One of the movies that was cited as Garland's more adult role. The other that is cited among fans is the 1942 musical with Gene Kelly, "For Me and My Gal."

2. "The Clock" (1945)

"The Clock" is not a Garland musical, but a romantic wartime drama. It was her first dramatic role actually! With her starred Robert Walker, James Gleason, and Lucille Gleason. The film is about a solider on a two day leave, and the girl Alice who falls in love with them. The couple want to get marry before he leaves, and thus follows happiness and trials.

3. "A Star is Born" (1954)

"A Star is Born," is another one of Judy's best movies. When it first came out it was a popular movie, and critics praised it so much that many were disappointed and surprised that she lost to Grace Kelly for the Best Actress award. The 1954 film had been directed by George Cukor and Judy's costar was James Mason. The film was a remake of the 1937 film of the same name, that movie starred Janet Gaynor and Frederic March.

4. "Meet Me in St. Louis" (1944)

MGM's "Meet Me in St. Louis," just adds to another great musical that Garland starred in. Vincente Minnelli directed this Judy Garland movie that also starred, Margaret O'Brien, Mary Astor, John Drake, and June Lockhart. It's based off of the work of Sally Benson. "Meet Me in St. Louis," looks at a family's experiences during the year of the St. Louis World's Fair in early 20th century America.

So find these movies available to rent online (Amazon, is a good place) or go to the local video store to find these Judy Garland classics, and make it a movie night!

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