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Four 'big ideas' for the age of complexity

What if?

The 21st century is pushing and pulling us inside and out in every corner of our small, blue-green planet. It feels like we’re collectively punching our way out of a colossal psycho-physical cocoon of complexity. Wham! Bam! Kapow! Eee-yow!

We humans are in metamorphosis; a metamorphosis of evolving consciousness. Some of us know it – and some of us don’t. Some of us like it – and some of us don’t.

The metamorphosis we’re going through will make us wise or prove us folly. To that end, learning how to make new worlds out of ‘thin air’ (i.e., mind-stuff or the simple elements of which consciousness is composed) is a predilection we will have to foster in the current century of ‘create your own reality.’ Or not.

We have a choice. We can re-create ourselves and become anew or struggle, decay and die. Which do you choose?

Here are four 'big ideas' in the field of intra/interpersonal communication (i.e., how we communicate with ourselves and each other to create our experiences in a complex world) that are shaping and shifting people and culture – at work and at home – in the USA.

Big Idea #1: Are you seeing reality with an ‘impoverished’ or ‘abundant’ world view? These views are mutually-exclusive and create diametrically opposed realities. No sugarcoating on this cookie. Your world view determines whether you survive or thrive.

Big Idea #2: Are you learning about you? Learning is living. Learn about you, your intelligence, your character and your talent. Apply generously and with agility.

Big Idea #3: The patriarchal point of view of the 20th century gave rise to a certain ‘masculine’ communication style in America – typically, top-down and one-way. ‘Feminine’ style communication is equal, but different. It’s interwoven and self-reflective – and highly-effective in the egalitarian 21st century. Discover the other within (style, of course) and communicate with greater pluck and influence – in your own unique way.

Big Idea #4: Does intuition have ‘skin in the game’ in the juggernaut of your mind? Using intellect and intuition in contrast to intellect alone will prove fruitful.

Yet, let’s ask: ‘What’s the big idea behind the big ideas?’

A simple, yet profound, generating question: ‘What if?’


Organizational communication maven by day. Food, wine and beer buff by night. World traveler. Entrepreneurial spirit. Contact Eroca Gabriel, a former Fortune 100 'People and Culture' Consultant, at

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