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Fountains are relaxing, decorative and some have historical significance

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With the summer soon approaching, fountains are relaxing and beautiful sites. In a busy city, the soothing sound of water coming from a fountain can help us relieve stress. Around the world, some fountains are tourist attractions such as the Trevi Fountain in Italy where tourists throw coins. Fountains make gardens come to life as they serve as decorations. If you want to beat the summer heat, you can see indoor fountains as some malls, office buildings and other public places.

There is a fountain at Military Park in Newark, New Jersey that tells us the story of a bygone era in Newark. In 1870, the Plaut family opened up a store called, “L.S. Plaut (the Bee-Hive); it was the largest department store in Newark. This fine store was located on 709 Broad Street on Cedar and Halsey Streets. Moses Plaut, who became the owner of L.S. Plaut (the Bee-Hive), who was a wealthy businessman and benefactor, donated the fountain to the City of Newark in 1928.

On the fountain, the following words are engraved: “My Cup Runneth Over,” these words are from Psalm 23 from the Bible. There is also a carved flower on the fountain. Today water no longer runs from the fountain as it once did, but it still stands as a reminder of the past like a souvenir that can be a part of a museum exhibit.