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Fountain of Youth in Panama City Beach, Florida

Sterling Resorts: Reflections view, Panama City Beach, Florida
Sterling Resorts: Reflections view, Panama City Beach, Florida
Courtesy photo

Watching the alligators inside the Gulf World Marine Park during a stay at Sterling Resorts: Reflections in Panama City Beach, Florida, one can't help but compare their dry, scaly skin to my one's own dry, scaly skin — a reminder of a well overdue facial and body scrub, not to mention calming massage.

Take a seat on the bleachers at the dolphin show and your mind will surely be made up to do something, especially after watching the sleek, oily bodies of these mammals happily splashing around. Now is the time to take action.

Leave Gulf World Marine Park in the dust, motivated by alligators and inspired by dolphins, and head to Salon Baliage with the goal to simulate Ponce de Leon in discovering your own Fountain of Youth.

Of course, the legendary springs that restored youth in those days is not actually where you'll end up. Tucked away in the Carillon Beach Resort on Carillon Market Street is Salon Baliage, you could spend an entire day shopping, dining, relaxing and walking around this area. But waste no time and stop in for a Sea Salt Glow treatment, which is a half-hour scrub to leave your skin as soft as a newborn’s bottom, followed by a half-hour massage. Two massage therapists are involved in this two-step treatment, and although the massage lasts only a half hour, you will leave in a total state of relaxation, a feeling of being re-born, which translates into youth.

Following your treatment, drive the short distance to Camp Helen State Park and just stroll through the white sand toward the beach, savoring in a relaxed state of mind.

Back at Sterling Resorts: Reflections, the Serenity Spa awaits. First things first: Indulge in a Jacuzzi and take some time in the steam room to deep condition your hair and detox your body. This is a place where you want to take your time before your name is called for the Fountain of Youth Treatment, a.k.a. facial.

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