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Founding Fathers, Religion and the Constitution

George Washington praised the American Constitution as the “palladium of human rights” but pointed out that it could survive only so long as there shall remain any virtue in the body of the people.” (Excerpt from The 5000 Year Leap).

We the people of the United States of America
We the people of the United States of America

Our founding fathers were all in agreement that if the Republic they were creating under the hand of God was to survive and retain its independence from tyranny and preserve the freedoms that come from God, it would require a government that was adequate for minimum governance and maximum security for our lives, property and rights. With all of those things in place, however, they also agreed that if corruption were to enter into the government, the Republic would no longer be secure and the government would fail the people.

Virtue must remain with the people if we are to know and feel of God’s power in keeping our Republic safe. Only then would we have the ability to nominate and elect those whose own virtue is in line with the founding principle of faith and dependence on the living God.

The 5000 Year Leap talks about Thomas Jefferson’s referral to two aristocracies; one that is “natural” and one that is “artificial.” The natural aristocracy was evident when George Washington was called out of retirement three times to serve his country, thus displaying both virtue and patriotism. Artificial aristocracy is demonstrated when those who obtain high offices, do so because of their wealth, position in life or some kind of influence that bends things their way.

When you look at how for decades, politicians have claimed high offices in our government either through elections or appointments and who have made it a career instead of a position of service for a limited time, we can see how easy it has become for corruption to creep into our state and national governments. There has been a gradual moral decay in our country and leaders seek not for the safety and prosperity of our land and our people but the destruction of its moral and religious fiber to the ends of wealth and power of a chosen few.

In contrast, The 5000 Year Leap says that Both John Adams and Samuel Adams sacrificed their fortunes to serve in politics. What a difference in the focus of our founding fathers compared to those in our government these days.

Money and power seems to be the key for many today who are sitting in high positions in our government. The focus of our founding fathers was the welfare and freedoms of our people. There were no handouts; everyone worked for what they had and what they created from the work of their own hands was their property. Of course there were those who stole property; it’s happened in all generations, but the government wasn’t coming in and telling people what they could or couldn’t do with or on their own property. They weren’t being taxed into oblivion like we are today. The government wasn’t coming and telling land owners they were taking their property for their own use. People weren’t being told that they could not own guns to protect themselves. They did not have a president who aided and abetted the enemies while taking away from the citizens and military. The whole premise of having a government then was to have leaders who would guide the country in the right direction so that it would grow and prosper and the people’s new found freedoms would be guarded and protected by their virtuous actions.

Prayer was not foreign to the leaders in the early years of our country. In fact, it was seen as a vital part of all of their decisions and government acts. Of course, there were disagreements, but they spoke their thoughts and listened to others before coming to an agreement acceptable to all and of necessity, that which would most benefit those they governed.

Many times, in those early years, those in leadership positions in the government served with little or no compensation for their work. George Washington was known to have declined a $25,000 salary that the Constitution provided. While he was also known to own a lot of property, much of it was destroyed during the Revolutionary War. These are facts derived from The 5000 Year Leap.

How did such wisdom come by these men who founded our nation? It is very likely that they were taught starting at an early age from the adults in their lives, starting with family, church for some and school. They were probably taught through examples as well as verbal teaching and those things influenced their thinking and allowed God to have some influence in their lives and beliefs. Those virtues instilled in them early were cemented there by their desire and willingness to allow those influences to flow into the very core of who they were. They were, then, able to meet challenges (and there were many) in their personal and public lives.

Were they perfect? No. They made mistakes along the way but they learned from them and then determined not to repeat them.

Men at those times felt it an honor to serve the people and often gave of their time and talents with no desire for payment. There are a few good men in government positions who have done the same things in these latter days, but they are few and far between.

That definitely doesn’t work for the present administration with all of their expensive parties with foreign leaders and those considered our enemies, not to mention the millions of dollars spent on lavish vacations for the first family and their friends at the tax payer’s expense. Many of the people in our government are career politicians that have no greater interest than to do whatever the current government desires without any concern for the rights and welfare of the people. To put it simply, they are in it for the money and the feeling of power it gives them.

Probably the greatest thing that influenced the lives of our founding fathers and their decisions was the belief that they were the product of a Supreme Creator, that He was the source of all things good and that He rules eternally in the heavens.

It was an accepted reality for them that God is the center of the universe and a source of truth and light. Their beliefs were that a good government includes religion, morality and knowledge.

The core elements of our founding fathers beliefs were based on the acknowledgement and worship of a Creator, the knowledge that we are accountable to Him, that there is more to life than our time here on earth, and the knowledge that we will, one day, be judged by our works. While following these basic tenets of fundamental religious beliefs, they did not focus on any singular sect.

Throughout the history of mankind, when religious pursuits were a fundamental part of daily living, peace and prosperity existed. However, when people denied their faith in the Creator and sought for worldly gain and power, the assistance of heaven withdrew and man was left to his own devices. There was no longer divine help available because they withdrew themselves from their Creator; the Creator being God. History has shown that whenever He has been denied His role in the lives of mankind, the results are confusion, chaos, lies, deception, secret plots, subversions and evil doings of all kinds. These conditions give Satan an open invitation and he lays his plans of destruction in the hearts of men eager to embrace his works.

When the Constitution was written and established as the document that was to be the guidelines for all branches and levels of government as to its power and the rights of citizens at large, one of its purposes was to protect the country from unlawful interference by the federal government and its infringement upon the religious rights of the states.

Thomas Jefferson and James Madison were adamant in their statements concerning rights contained in the Constitution. They both stated unequivocally that freedom of religion, freedom of speech and of the press were to be left totally in the hands of the states or the people.

Jefferson concluded, also, and made it very clear that the federal judicial system has no right to establish a religion or to prevent the free exercise of religious faith and speech.

The 500 Year Leap also talks about a federal “wall” created in the Constitution called “a wall of separation between church and state.” However, it has been used out of context in recent years to give the Supreme Court power to encroach on religious issues.

The original intent of the “wall” was to allow states to prevent certain churches or religions from receiving preferential treatment. It was established basically for the federal government so that the states or church authorities would be free to handle their own religious issues as directed in the Constitution. It was felt that the states would be more adequately qualified to encourage all religions so that there would be moral unity with the citizenry.

This administration and some of the courts have redefined the separation of church and state to mean that no religious expressions or symbols should be part of any government site, office, gathering or meeting. This same thinking has made its way into our schools. They use the excuse that it may offend someone. Why has it become such a concern of our government and even our school boards that anyone should be offended by something that has been a part of our country since its beginning? Obviously, they are more concerned about the feelings of a few who claim no allegiance to our flag, our country or our Constitution than they do the people to whom this country belongs. They are those who have long loved and supported our Republic through service in their communities, help they give to those in need, and the unselfish service of men and women to protect and defend our country. It belongs to those who work hard and build businesses, companies and corporations from the ground up and create work and prosperity for future generations. It belongs to those who are not satisfied to sit idly by and see an out of control government turn our country into a third world country. It belongs to all those who believe and live by the laws of God and our Constitution.

Well, it’s very likely that someone has already been offended, but that is okay because this is an exercise of freedom of speech. Our Constitution guarantees that right.

Moral strength of the citizenry of a nation is more apt to be able to have a government that is good for the general populace. Morality with voters can influence the outcome of elections because they will search for, support and elect honest and honorable men and women to high positions of authority, including the presidency.

There was and always has been, in our country, a general belief in God as the Creator of all things. This was the underlying premise for the formulation of our Constitution.

From the beginning religion has been more or less a compass for moral behavior, teaching the difference between right and wrong and encouraging good moral practices, judgments and choices.

Never in our nation’s beginning did our founding fathers look at God as being some mysterious force in the universe. They regularly petitioned God for His guidance and direction in leading our country in the right direction. It should be noted that our founding father’s petitions to God very frequently were accompanied by sincere prayers of gratitude.

God is and has always been a real and living God who is literally the Father of all living things, including the earth itself. Without life giving substance, the earth would cease to be along with humanity.

The hand of providence has been a part of America that has given her the ability to be a light unto the oppressed. Now, our government seems to be doing everything it can to make us the oppressed.

The laws of God are “natural laws” that are superior to those imposed in unrighteousness on any people. When we abandon His “natural” laws, that foster chaste and moral lives in favor of “human” laws that allow unfair treatment and practices, He withdraws Himself from our hearts and lives unless or until we turn back to Him in humility and sincere repentance.

Our Constitution was written and established to protect us from those that interfere with our God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This and a humble people with moral principles is what made our nation great and it’s what will help heal it and bring it back to greatness.