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Foul odor complaints lead to discovery of Detroit 100 plus cat hoarder scene

Neighbors say they have been complaining for a long time, but nothing has ever been done.
Neighbors say they have been complaining for a long time, but nothing has ever been done.
Fox2 Screen grab/Facebook Hope Hearts Rescue

Neighbors along the east side of Detroit say they couldn't let their children play in their backyards or even sit on the porch because the smell from a home on Casino and Marne made everyone gag reported

Authorities were shocked when they entered the feces and flea infested home to find 35 flea-ridden and malnourished kittens. Sadly, rescuers have found more than 60 dead cats, and have set humane traps to capture other animals seen in and around the home. One dog ran out of the house as authorities opened the front door. The woman who lives in the house volunteers her time to help cats. Obviously, the woman became overwhelmed.

Melanie Wittner, with Hopeful Heart Rescue, has been coordinating the efforts with other local rescues organizations. On the group's Facebook page, Tuesday morning thank you comments were in order as the various groups all pitched in to help these defenseless animals:

"Mutts of Motown and Solo Rescue were able to take in several of the cats. Lori Briggs, who has a huge heart and allowed us to help with this rescue, Guardians for Animals, and Four Paws One Heart, for helping with the mounting vet bills. Donations can be made directly to Rakestraw Animal Hospital in Detroit. Thank you for your amazing support during this time!"

From myfoxdetroit, on a rescuer getting into a horrible situation like this and jeopardizing the lives of so many animals, Wittner stated her opinion:

"They just get overwhelmed. They don't know when to say no. They don't know when to set limits."

No one has been charged, however the investigation for animal neglect and cruelty continues.

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