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Fosters needed for kittens in Sarasota county shelter NOW

Photo by Putu Sayoga/Getty Images

SARASOTA, FL - Kitten season is upon us and though the staff at the Sheriff's Sarasota County Animal Services facility do their best to make shelter life as pleasant as possible for their charges, it's really no place for a new Meowmy and her babies.

Kittens need foster homes NOW
local shelter

Usually we come to you asking if you can give a pet a "forever home," but this time temporary quarters are needed. If you're in a position to house a little feline family for the short term, you are MUCH needed right now.

As of this writing (Monday, May 5, 2014) here are the currently needy:

  • A mom and 5 kittens
  • A mom and 4 kittens
  • A single kitten needing to be bottle fed

As is always true with fosters the shelter will cover the costs involved, you just add a little space in your house, your time, and a lot of love.

Fostered pets always fare far better than those in shelters, and especially in the case of these new kittens, the socialization you provide goes a long way toward helping to prepare them for a forever home.

Can you help? If so, please contact

Kristen Little
Foster/Volunteer Coordinator
Animal Services Section
8451 Bee Ridge Rd
941-861-9525 Office

Thank you for helping out by fostering or by passing this message on to others you think may be in a position to step up for the animals today!

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