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Fostering Dreams Through Dance Documentary

Fostering Dreams Through Dance is a documentary film that brings education to foster youth through the art of dance.

This group of world-renown choreographers, along with founder Melanie Buttarazzi, aim to inspire and educate foster youth through the power of dance.
Jasmin Figueira
Founder, Melanie Buttarazzi, teaching students
Jesse Welch

After meeting with a child in foster care in the First Star Program at UCLA, Fostering Dreams Through Dance creator, Melanie Buttarazzi, felt compelled to share her gift of dance with those who rarely have the opportunity to do so. The brilliance, talent, and under-fed children prompted her to take action on a much larger scale.

Documenting this journey would not only bring awareness to a wider audience across the globe, but to also show the impact of the benefits of dance. Through persistent dedication to this craft, dancers develop skills such as tenacity, respect, discipline, and self-esteem that empower them to challenge themselves, to try new things, and to fearlessly progress as positive citizens in their communities.

Inspired to improve the lives of foster youth in Los Angeles, a team of dedicated philanthropists and world-renowned choreographers have joined together to mentor and donate their time, knowledge, and resources to improve the lives of a selected group of children.

For 30 days in July, a group of children in the First Star program at UCLA will have their journey documented, to uncover what their lives are like before, during, and after their introduction to dance and the Fostering Dreams program.

When one teaches, two people learn. For these foster children who have so little, the goal is to enrich and fulfill their lives to feel as though they are living in abundance, to inspire and uplift them, and to use dance as a vehicle for self expression.

Highlighting their every day struggles in the foster care system, the documentary will also shine light on the beauty of learning a new art form, while intermittently bringing awareness to the need to improve the system with which they live.

These efforts cannot be done alone. The help of the community will not only aid in these children's development, but also bring awareness on a global scale to the unmatched benefits of dance and its ability to positively affect even those who feel like life gave up on them.

This dedicated team needs your help! Donations can be made directly at their Indie Gogo page,

Please support, like and follow The Fostering Dreams Through Dance project on Facebook at and on Twitter @fostering_dream

For taxable donations, please contact production at and place "Fostering Dreams" in the subject line.

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